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Troodon formosus (Joseph Leidy, 1856; Sauvage, 1876)

Troodon formosus dinosaur
Name Means: "Tooth that wounds" Length: 6 feet (3 m)
Pronounced: True-don Weight: 110 pounds (50 kilos)
When it lived: Late Cretaceous - 67 MYA    
Where found: Montana, USA; Alberta, Canada    
   Troodon may have been the smartest of all the dinosaurs.   It had a very large brain when compared to its overall body size, which would have given it huge hunting advantage. It also had large eyes, long legs for speedy pursuit of prey, and sharp teeth.
    Troodon is one of the most well known dinosaurs, with over 20 known specimens, including an egg with a Troodon embryo inside. It was actually one of the first North American dinosaurs to be named, originally described in 1856. However, the fragmentary remains were attributed to a number of dinosaurs before the original genus became accepted. It wasn't until Dr. Dale Russell described a fairly complete specimen that the pieces fell into place.  Troodon is also used as evidence in the bird/dinosaur debate, as it shares a number of common characteristics with birds.

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