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Gryposaurus notabilis  (Lambe,1914)

Gryposaurus notabilis dinosaur
Name Means: "Hook-Nosed Lizard" Length: 33 feet (10 m)
Pronounced: grip-o-Saw-rus Weight: 2 tons (1,800 kilos)
When it lived: Late Cretaceous - 84 MYA    
Where found: Alberta, Canada    
    Gryposaurus was a common duck-billed dinosaur known from a over 10 skulls, some bones, and one of the very few skin casts ever found.  The skin cast reveals the skin on its neck, sides and belly were covered with smooth scales less than a quarter of an inch in size.  It had a long, narrow skull, highly-arched nostrils, and a big bump on its snout. It was a large plant-eater that would have traveled in herds while trying to avoid being eaten by some of the earliest tyrannosaur family members.  Discovered in Alberta, Canada by L. Lambe in 1914, the type species is G. notabilis.
   Gryposaurus is much better known under the name Kritosaurus notabilis.  For a long time Kritosaurus and Gryposaurus were considered to be the same genus, but in the last twenty years it has become clear that the type material of Kritosaurus is not particularly diagnostic, based on a fragmentary skull.  Gryposaurus, meanwhile, is based on much better remains.  Interestingly, it now appears that Kritosaurus may actually be a "saurolophinid", instead of a "gryposaurinid", illustrating the problems of establishing hadrosaurid taxa on material that is either missing or has an inadequately preserved skull. 

hadrosaurid, hadrosaur, duck-billed dinosaur,  was a plant-eater that was about 30 feet (9 m) long.


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