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Monolophosaurus jiangi   (Zhao & Currie, 1994)

Name Means: Jiang's single-crested lizard Length: 17 ft. (5 meters)
Pronounced: mono-Loaf-o-Saw-rus Weight: 1,500 pounds (700 kilos)
When it lived: Middle Jurassic - 170 MYA Family: Allosauroidea
Where found: China    
   Monolophosaurus was a medium-sized meat-eater from China that lived during the Jurassic Period. It had lots of sharp teeth and a big, skinny head. It also had one feature not found on any other meat-eating dinosaur - a long, bony ridge that went from its nose back to the top of its head. The area where Monolophosaurus was discovered showed signs that it was sometimes covered with water, so it is possible that this dinosaur lived on the shore of a lake or sea.
   The remains of the type of Monolophosaurus (IVPP 84019) preserve a complete skull and partial postcranium (Zhao & Currie, 1994).  In fact, these remains are amongst the most complete from the Middle Jurassic of China (Rauhut, 2003).  A recent phylogenetic analysis (Rauhut, 2003) places Monolophosaurus as the basalmost member of the the Allosauroidea. Some scientists think it should be included in the megalosaur family.


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